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    Kelsey (Tacoma, USA)

    Dress is made on incredible fabric, high quality! Nothing but great things to say about customer service, quick communication and informative. I ended up returning my dress purely because I found something I liked better, nothing bad or wrong with this dress, just had something else in mind. For the return I had to pay a good chunk, only con I can think of.

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    Julia (Moscow, Russia)

    Хочу ещё раз выразить вам благодарность за своё идеальное платье ❤️

    Image #1 from Julia (Moscow, Russia)
    Image #2 from Julia (Moscow, Russia)
    Image #3 from Julia (Moscow, Russia)
    Image #4 from Julia (Moscow, Russia)
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    Jana (London, UK)

    Ekaterina is a magician ?❤️She tailored the most beautiful and elegant wedding dress for me only based on my measurements, a few photos and multiple messages to clarify all the details. The fabric was gorgeous?I looked stunning! Thank you so much!!!

    Image #1 from Jana (London, UK)
    Image #2 from Jana (London, UK)
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    Sarah (Morrow, USA)

    This dress was beautiful. Simple. Just what I wanted for my small family wedding. The fabric was comfortable. Seams were a bit more noticeable than I realized at first but nothing that bothered me much. Ekaterina was so kind and very good to make sure I had the correct sizing. It arrived early and I only needed to have it hemmed. The shoulders were a bit tight but everything else was great. I got a size “ US 0 Standard “ and my measurements are: Bust- 31 1/2” Hip- 35 1/4” Waist – 23 3/4” Shoulder – 18” Hallow to floor – 54 1/4” Bicep- 9 1/2

    Image #1 from Sarah (Morrow, USA)
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    Lovely Kris (Montmagny
, France)

    Great communication. She will make sure the measurements are right. Great quality and price! Highly recommend it! Merci

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    Ирина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)


    Image #1 from Ирина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
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    Kolby (Germany)

    Just when you have found “the one” to marry, the search then turns to find “the one” to get married in. For me personally, I knew I wanted something minimal that was classic for years to come no matter how many years went by, something with perpetual sophistication. I went to a dress shop and was presented with trendy gowns with lace, pearls, and satin. Knowing that none of the styles were for me, I turned to Etsy and found the small dressmaking company of Piondress- minimal, classic, chic.
    I want to thank Ekaterina and the Piondress team for making me feel beautiful on this special day, and for making something so special so easy to access- Especially in the time of Covid-19! At first, I was nervous about ordering a custom dress online, but the communication with Ekaterina through every step of the process made it simple. Putting it on gave me the feeling I could never get in a dress shop…and the photos illustrate that. Thank you for making sure it was “the one” in every way!

    Image #1 from Kolby (Germany)
    Image #2 from Kolby (Germany)
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    Arantxa (Paris, France)

    La robe est juste magnifique, ça me tarde de la portée le jour de mon mariage. Ekaterina, la propriétaire de la boutique, est très gentille et répond toujours très rapidement à toutes vos questions. Ma robe est arrivée à l’heure, la seule chose est qu’il faut faire attention aux frais de douane, dans mon cas, je n’avais pas vu que je devais les payer mais c’est précisé sur la page.

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    Angela (Windsor, USA)

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    Benedetta (Roma, Italy)

    Just a word: INCREDIBLE! My dress was absolutely amazing, I love it incredibly and I’m so glad I decided to buy it! Ekaterina was a delight, she was so helpful and kind, she made the dress exactly how I want it and when it arrived it was simply perfect. The shipping went through without any trouble and the dress arrived even a bit earlier. I am so thankful for this dress.

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    Kasey (Fort Collins, USA)

    WOW! Do not hesitate ordering a dress online from Piondress. My dress arrived yesterday, almost exactly one month after ordering. It came packaged in a way that kept the dress safe and secure. The quality of the dress is incredible and I paid a quarter of the price I would have at a bridal salon. Ekatarina was super responsive and willing to custom fit or anything I wanted to make it my own. The dress is beautiful and I am so happy that I decided to order from Piondress. I will be recommending this shop to any and all brides in the future.

    Image #1 from Kasey (Fort Collins, USA)
    Image #2 from Kasey (Fort Collins, USA)
    Image #3 from Kasey (Fort Collins, USA)
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    Kimberly (Sanderson, USA)

    Beautiful, classic and elegant. We were skeptical about ordering online for a wedding dress but it was the best decision!

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