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About Piondress

Piondress is a small family company founded by two sisters, Ekaterina and Aleksandra.

The initial idea came from my sister’s months-long search for the perfect wedding dress, which eventually induced her to create it herself. What began as a personal endeavour soon evolved into a genuine passion, leading to the establishment of a bridal studio officially named Piondress in 2014. Ekaterina became the driving force and took on the creative aspect, while I focused on content creation, social media, and marketing.


Having grown up and studied in Finland, the sisters’ love for Scandinavian minimalism is beautifully reflected in their collections. The essence of clean, well-defined lines, simplicity, and understated elegance permeates their designs, capturing the timeless elegance of Scandinavian aesthetics.

We firmly believe that the main purpose of a wedding dress is to create a unique look that enhances the bride’s natural beauty and allows her individuality and native grace to shine through. We also prioritize the comfort and ease of the bride’s movements, ensuring that each dress not only looks stunning but is also comfortable to wear throughout the entire wedding day. With this goal in mind we spare no time in meticulously working on patterns, refining them to perfection.


A dedicated team of experienced professionals with years of expertise in the art of tailoring diligently works on every dress striving to provide a perfect match to each bride’s own distinct features and her specific requirements. This personalized and meticulous approach has already been recognized and appreciated by over 5 000 brides from around the world.

We are immensely grateful to our beloved brides for giving us the opportunity to bring our vision of a modern wedding dress to life. It is incredibly rewarding to witness how you girls embody the contemporary minimalist elegance that our dresses are all about.

I have no doubts that for Piondress, this is just the beginning, but even now, I can confidently say that the success of Piondress is a testament to our shared vision, tireless efforts, and the support of our wonderful team.