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Color: off white
Bodice: chiffon, lining
Sleeves: polka dots tulle, satin
Skirt: chiffon, lining
Train: 8” / 20 cm

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    Iwona (Stamford, USA)

    I received my dress today. It’s beautiful, thank you for making my beautiful gown.

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    Jennifer (Nampa, USA)

    I am a professional seamstress myself but not one crazy enough to make my own wedding dress. So when I say that this custom dress was made absolutely to perfection, I mean it down to the stitch. Ekaterina was wonderful to work with. She combined two dresses I liked different parts of into one. She also double checked measurements with me that were a little outside of the norm. I’m so grateful for the attention to detail. When I learned to sew I always was told that the inside of a garment tells the tale of the seamstress. And in this case it tells the tale of attention to detail and impeccable sewing. I could not be happier with the result. Wedding isn’t for a few months but this will not even need one altering thanks to the attention to details.

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    Image #1 from Jennifer (Nampa, USA)
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    Jessica (Calgary, Canada)

    I looked at this dress for weeks but was worried about ordering a wedding dress I’d never tried on. However, I am so glad I did! The whole process was fantastic, Ekaterina sent instructions and a video on how to take measurements, and then followed up to make sure after one of my measurements seemed off. I ordered from Canada in the middle of COVID and supply chain issues, and still received my dress in about 3 weeks! I received package tracking updates from the minute it shipped till it arrived at my door. The dress itself is exactly what I hoped for, the photos on the website are exactly what this looks like in real life. It is light and airy and easy to move in, and looks and feels very high quality. I will do a few minor tweaks in terms of alterations but the fit is amazing for being based only on my own measurements!!

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    Eileen (Blue Point, USA)

    Wonderful fit, beautiful dress! I am very happy with the purchase!

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    Vivian (Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong)

    I am so happy I bought this 😀 I wanted a chiffon dress with tulle sleeves, but I don’t like polka dots and pearls. Ekaterina was so helpful to help me change the sleeves to plain tulle and the buttons to satin. The fit was perfect, I absolutely love it! The texture is soft, but not too soft, which is actually great because it holds its shape and hides the fat around my hips. There is also a thicker layer underneath which makes it very comfortable as the chiffon will not stick to my skin. Definitely recommended!

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    Мария (Москва, Россия)

    С благодарностью приветствую команду профессионалов!
    Кажется, из Piondress невозможно уйти без платья. И даже если ты мечтала о другом, ты обязательно познакомишься здесь со СВОИМ! Спасибо вам за эту встречу! Примерки были лёгким приятным досугом, милые девушки встречали и наряжали как родные люди. Я и не знала, что я принцесса!:)

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    Image #1 from Мария (Москва, Россия)
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    Валентина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)

    Спасибо за лучшее платье!

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    Image #1 from Валентина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
    Image #2 from Валентина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
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    Marilia (Richmond, USA)

    I love everything about my wedding dress. Great quality fabric and it looks minimal the way I wanted! ❤️

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    Cate (Corpus Christi, USA)

    If you’re like me, your reading all the reviews and I hope you read this one because you should buy from this designer!!! The price was great, custom fit is amazing, and the feel and quality are INCREDIBLE. You will love your dress as much as I do!!!

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    Maria (Jackson Heights, USA)

    This was a lovely purchase. Bought my dress in December 2020 and I got it 3 weeks later. The fabric was lovely, good quality and the measurements were almost a perfect fit, I had spoken with the seller before to make sure she knew my measurements. I only had to alter the height a bit because I’m really short, other than that this really was the dress I envisioned wearing for my wedding.

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    Image #1 from Maria (Jackson Heights, USA)
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    Paola (México, Mexico)

    From Mexico, I want to thank the Piondress team for my beautiful dress, it is a dream come true. Thanks for everything Ekaterina, wonderful work, quality and communication ❤️ highly recommend.

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    Samantha (Memphis, USA)

    Love this lady and love this dress!!

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    Image #1 from Samantha (Memphis, USA)
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    Amanda (Provo, USA)

    GORGEOUS. I got this dress for my wedding but wanted different sleeves, and they made my dress EXACTLY as I wanted it. service is 10/10. very responsive. Comes in such a cute bag/packaging. Way worth it. It also came fairly quickly only like 2-3 weeks. and it fit perfectly, I didn’t need to pay for tailoring. I received so many compliments all night on my dress! I’m sad I will only be wearing this dress once, I felt like a queen.

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    Image #1 from Amanda (Provo, USA)
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    Erin (Round Lake Beach, USA)

    I had a quick engagement and had reached out quickly to the shop about whether the dress would arrive in time. This seller is amazing! I loved my dress, it was perfect for my occasion. It fit really well! The delivery was flawless! And the seller is so good with responding and communicating when you have concerns. Love, love, love and highly recommend!! Thank you SO much!

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    Image #1 from Erin (Round Lake Beach, USA)
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    Мария (Москва, Россия)

    Здравствуйте, дорогие феи из команды Piondress!
    Спешу поделиться долгожданным отзывом на самое лучшее платье.
    Вы были первым и последним салоном, на который я обратила внимание, а также единственным посещенным. А платье было куплено почти с первой примерки, так как сразу было ясно: это вот оно-то-самое!
    И все это несмотря даже на то, что шла я абсолютно за другим (длина миди и с кружевом). Перед примеркой было осознание, что возможно мой идеал платья в голове не совпадет с результатами примерки, и на самом деле я создана для чего-то другого. Или оно для меня? Это не важно. Важнее то, что мои догадки полностью подтвердились.
    И вот я в платье в пол с самыми шикарными рукавами на всем белом свете, да еще и с двухметровой фатой — настоящая невеста, а теперь уже жена.
    Спасибо вам за помощь в выборе!

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    Image #1 from Мария (Москва, Россия)
    Image #2 from Мария (Москва, Россия)
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    Verity (Grovedale, 

    Beautifully made, excellent communication and great price. Thank you PiondressBridal.

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    Solomiya (Honeoye Falls, USA)

    I was a bit nervous about ordering it online, but it turned out lovely, it fit me perfectly! The quality is great too. They were able to send out the dress very quickly, which I’m grateful for.

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    Mariah (Norem, USA)

    The dress fits perfectly and flows so nicely! The fabric is lovely and soft, and the sleeves are so fun! Thank you for making such a fun wedding dress at such a great price.

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