Short chiffon wedding dress with sleeves – Evita

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Color: off white
Bodice: chiffon, lining
Skirt: chiffon, lining

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  1. Avatar photo

    Megan (Lexington, USA)

    The dress is exactly as pictured/described and arrived quickly once shipped!

  2. Avatar photo

    Kirsten (Brooklyn, USA)

    Image #1 from Kirsten (Brooklyn, USA)
    Image #2 from Kirsten (Brooklyn, USA)
    Image #3 from Kirsten (Brooklyn, USA)
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    Rachel (Rochester, USA)

    I’m so pleased with this dress! I exchanged messages with Aleksandra about the measurements and a couple of detail clarifications and she was extremely prompt and polite. I didn’t know the floor length option existed but she told me about it during our conversations! The dress arrived early allowing plenty of time for a few small alterations. I love it!!

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    Anna (Temecula, USA)

    Simple and classy, perfect for conservative wedding.

    Image #1 from Anna (Temecula, USA)
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    Jasmine (Piermont, USA)

    Love the dress!! Perfect for the occasion and fit perfectly! Couldn’t be happier

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    Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)

    Image #1 from Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    Image #2 from Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    Image #3 from Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)
    Image #4 from Daria (Tbilisi, Georgia)
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    Eva (Köflach, Austria)

    perfect dress for my wedding

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    Kaylee (Oceanside, USA)

    The upper portion of the dress doesn’t fit correctly. I can’t lift my arms.

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    Evelyn (Blacktown, Australia)

    Very nice fabric and craftmanship

    Image #1 from Evelyn (Blacktown, Australia)
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    Kayce (Farmington Hills, USA)

    I love this dress. I am so happy that I ordered it. I ended up getting the dress tailored a little but I would have loved it even if I didn’t! 🙂

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    Kate (Young America, USA)

    The item is super high quality for the price! Much nicer than I was expecting. And the material is not super heavy so will be nice and cool for my summer wedding! The shipping was great! Arrived on time and nicely packaged to protect the white fabric. I got some customizations on my dress and the customer service was amazing. It came exactly how I was picturing and I love it! I would highly recommend buying from here!

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    Samantha (Boonsboro, USA)

    The dress fits perfectly and is beautiful!!

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    Bridget (Canal Winchester, USA)

    Fit is perfect, fabric is beautiful. I could not have asked for a better dress!

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    Mary (Seattle, USA)

    Lovely dress and great quality. Amazing communication with Ekaterina. Highly recommend

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    Valerie (Chemnitz, Germany)

    Fits very well, delivery inspite of situation in russia/ukraine on time!!, fabric might be a little sweaty, I am very happy all in all.

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    Kayla (Maumelle, USA)

  17. Avatar photo

    Jodi (Houghton, USA)

    Very satisfied with dress purchases! Great communication, quick responses. Dress turned out beautifully, no issues with shipping. Highly recommend Ekaterina-Piondress bridal

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    Monique (Tsuen Wan
, Hong Kong)

    The dress was perfect and gorgeous , it fit me very well! Thank you very much for your help!

    Image #1 from Monique (Tsuen Wan
, Hong Kong)
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    Bora (Houston, USA)

    I wore this for my courthouse wedding – it was elegant, beautifully laired – created beautiful wavy layers of fabrics. HIghly recommended.

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    Яна (Москва, Россия)

    Спасибо вам большое за платье) жених был в восторге, и даже немного растрогался, сказал что я похожа на принцессу.

    Image #1 from Яна (Москва, Россия)
    Image #2 from Яна (Москва, Россия)
    Image #3 from Яна (Москва, Россия)
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    Andrea (Cincinnati, USA)

    Love the simple, elegant style. Shipping was pretty quick and the quality of the fabric is great. There is one small stain on the back of the dress, but it’s pretty much too small to notice. Not big enough to bother me. I’m really happy with this dress! Can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day!

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    Lina (Vallebona, Italy)

    Thank you for the lovely dress you made for my wedding – it was a hit! Simple, but very classy ❤️
    So many compliments received

    Image #1 from Lina (Vallebona, Italy)
    Image #2 from Lina (Vallebona, Italy)
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    Margaret (Port Orange, USA)

    Everything with this dress was perfection including the response time, communication, quality, fit, and material!

    Image #1 from Margaret (Port Orange, USA)
    Image #2 from Margaret (Port Orange, USA)
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    Olga (Austin, USA)

    This was the dress I envisioned! Thank you for working with me to make the changes I wanted. I loved loved loved wearing it!

    Image #1 from Olga (Austin, USA)
    Image #2 from Olga (Austin, USA)
    Image #3 from Olga (Austin, USA)
    Image #4 from Olga (Austin, USA)
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    Olivia (Johnson Creek, USA)

    I absolutely loved my Pion Dress.

    Image #1 from Olivia (Johnson Creek, USA)
    Image #2 from Olivia (Johnson Creek, USA)
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    Арина (Москва, Россия)

    Хочу поблагодарить Свадебный салон Piondress за прекрасное свадебное платье! Я очень хотела платье в стиле «минимализм» и получила именно то, о котором мечтала!
    Спасибо вам за легкую и праздничную атмосферу в вашем салоне! ❤️

    Image #1 from Арина (Москва, Россия)
    Image #2 from Арина (Москва, Россия)
    Image #3 from Арина (Москва, Россия)
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    Anna (Saarbrucken, Germany)

    So happy have found this shop and dress! Even I had a clear vision how my dress should look like, I could order each and all dresses from Piondress. The quality is top and price is fair. My question regarding delivery time was responded very quickly and it indeed came faster than expected. The dress suits perfectly and I am looking forward to wear it. Can totally recommend to order by Piondress.

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    Sarah (Ypsilanti, USA)

  29. Avatar photo

    Mary (Iowa City, USA)

    I actually bought the “EVITA” dress from Piondress. First, Ekaterina has the absolute best customer service. I went back & forth about which dress I wanted, and she graciously & promptly helped me with all of my questions! She was able to rush ship my wedding dress & veil for my 3-week time frame. The dress is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful seams, beautiful flow, it is truly perfect! I had a few minor alterations made, as I am in-between two sizes, and I was nervous to order a made-to-measure dress without the opportunity for return. However, I would recommend a made-to-measure dress if you are in-between two sizes. Ekaterina will do a fabulous job, and you will love your dress! Thank you, Ekaterina, for all of your help. You are so appreciated! I will recommend your shop to all the brides I know.

    Image #1 from Mary (Iowa City, USA)
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    Erica (Newburgh, USA)

    Beautiful quality. I’m excited to wear this dress at my wedding.

  31. Avatar photo

    Holly (Oakland, USA)

    Absolutely gorgeous, and very unique. I really struggled to find the wedding dress for me, and this was just perfect.

  32. Avatar photo

    Lydia (Brush Prairie, USA)

    So beautiful! Measurements were perfect and she did the alterations I asked for. I would definitely recommend this dress!

  33. Avatar photo

    Stephen (Shamong, USA)

    Dear Ekaterina, The dress arrived today — two days earlier than expected. The bride-to-be tried it on, and it fits like a glove. The dress is exactly as pictured. Thank you. We will definitely purchase from you again.

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    Lina (Vallebona IM, Italy)

    Beautiful dress, exactly as described and the size was perfect. Good service, thank you! Taxes shipping from Russia are quite steep, so expect the bill to be higher.

  35. Avatar photo

    Алина (Москва, Россия)

    Команда PIONDRESS, спасибо Вам огромное за платье мечты! Посетила несколько шоурумов, но когда померила платье «Эвита», сразу поняла, что это то, что мне нужно – простота, элегантность, лаконичность и при этом всем нежность. Качество на высоте, все очень продумано! Фата очень подошла к платью. Атмосфера в вашей мастерской невероятная, доброжелательная и гостеприимная. Модельер Светлана помогла посадить платье по фигуре идеально. Я очень довольна. Пересматриваю фотографии и понимаю, что это был лучший выбор! Спасибо!

    Image #1 from Алина (Москва, Россия)
    Image #2 from Алина (Москва, Россия)
    Image #3 from Алина (Москва, Россия)
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    Ольга (Москва, Россия)

    Спасибо вашей команде ещё раз за самое лучшее свадебное платье! Оно просто идеальное, когда я его увидела, я поняла, что это точь-в точь то, о чем я мечтала, визуализировала… Я чувствовала себя в нём так комфортно, как никогда и ни в какой одежде себя не чувствовала!)
    И спасибо за такое комфортное сотрудничество!!!❤️❤️
    Свадебное платье для невесты – это невероятно важно, что тут говорить … – вы сделали этот особенный день в моей жизни максимально прекрасным!)

    Image #1 from Ольга (Москва, Россия)
    Image #2 from Ольга (Москва, Россия)
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    Katee (Thousand Oaks, USA)

  38. Avatar photo

    Richard (Walkersville, USA)

    The dress arrived earlier than expected and was excellent!! The size was perfect and required no alterations. The quality is amazing! My daughter is elated! Thank you so much, Ekaterina, for your beautiful work!

  39. Avatar photo

    Alison (Long Branch, USA)

  40. Avatar photo

    Арина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)

    Это платье я померила первым и поняла, что возьму. Но, конечно, чтобы убедиться, померила еще штук 15 ?. Платье принесло много легкости и радости. В нем было очень комфортно гулять по городу, танцевать и праздновать наш день. Спасибо, что придумали такую красоту!

    Image #1 from Арина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
    Image #2 from Арина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
    Image #3 from Арина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
    Image #4 from Арина (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
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    Siobhan (Provo, USA) 

    Everything about my wedding dress was perfection. I had a very specific vision in my mind and was able to achieve it with Pion Bridal. They were very communicative with me about the production of my dress (which is really reassuring while buying a dress online) and helped me choose a size that made everything easy to tailor. The dress as is was perfect and my seamstress helped me tailored the sleeves to be short and have some puffiness. I couldn’t find anything like my dress online so finding this as a base and tailoring was my perfect option. I felt so glamorous on my day and got many compliments on the elegance of the neckline and cut. I was beyond pleased and would highly recommend this shop to a close friend.

    Image #1 from Siobhan (Provo, USA) 

  42. Avatar photo

    Taylor (Seattle, USA)

    My dress is absolutely perfect. It was custom (a combination of a few dresses) and was made to my measurements. The service was incredible and the team was so kind in our correspondences as I explained what I was looking for. It is very high quality, extremely comfortable, and everything I hoped it would be. When I first put it on, I didn’t want to take it off! I cannot recommend this shop enough. Thank you for my dream dress!!

  43. Avatar photo

    Makenzie (London, UK)

    I absolutely love this dress. I wore it for my recent small wedding and it was the perfect dress for the day we had planned. It was elegant, fit really well, the quality was amazing and was comfortable throughout the day. I got so many compliments on it throughout the day, my husband absolutely loved it. Would definitely recommend this dress for another bride, it was perfect for our day!

    Image #1 from Makenzie (London, UK)
    Image #2 from Makenzie (London, UK)
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    Алина (Сургут, Россия)

    Спасибо вам большое за прекрасное платье, которое вы сшили) Оно было идеально во всем. Так же хочется отметить, за отличную «обратную связь». Вы быстро отвечаете на вопросы и даёте нужную информацию. Ещё раз спасибо вам! Желаю вам процветания и стабильности)

    Image #1 from Алина (Сургут, Россия)
    Image #2 from Алина (Сургут, Россия)
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    Jeannine (Pinehurst, USA)

    I was a little worried about ordering a wedding dress from Russia, but the process was easy and the dress came in less than a month! It fit perfectly! My daughter is so happy with it! Thank you! I have three more daughters. I may be back.

  46. Avatar photo

    Debbie (Colchester, UK)

    My dress arrived today. Absolutely beautiful and perfect for my special day. The detail, finish and quality is exceptional. Quick and efficient service and communication and instructions for measurements very clear. Thank you!

  47. Avatar photo

    Александра (Москва, Россия)

    Благодарю за такое чудесное платье!
    Оно просто восхитительное, полностью отражает мой внутренний мир! Консультанты в магазинах очень чутко относятся к каждой невесте и предлагают подобрать платье по характеру!
    Идеальное платье❤️ Идеальный образ ❤️

    Image #1 from Александра (Москва, Россия)
    Image #2 from Александра (Москва, Россия)
  48. Avatar photo

    Andrea (Pasco, USA)

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  49. Avatar photo

    Angela (Chicago, USA)

    This was a lovely experience with Katarina! The dress is great quality and fit super well. I’ll need to do a few very small alterations locally, but that was likely due to not accurate sizing on my send. Ekaterina pays close attention to detail, worked with me on several questions, and even noticed when she thought one of the measurements I provided was off (it was). I was nervous about ordering online but couldn’t have had a better experience. I cannot wait to wear this on my wedding day later this year!

  50. Avatar photo

    Marian (Church Hill Meadows, 

    Piondress is great to deal with. She was in constant contact and made my dress to my measurements. The dress will need some alterations but is exactly what I wanted for my day. Thank you!

  51. Avatar photo

    Надежда (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)

    Огромное спасибо за потрясающее платье! Я купила его с первой и единственной примерки!) Подшили идеально под мою изменившуюся фигуру, я не чувствовала никакого дискомфорта. Свадьба проходила в 33 градусную жару, но чувствовала я себя довольно прекрасно ❤️

    Image #1 from Надежда (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
  52. Avatar photo

    Mary (Seoul, South Korea)

    You guys! My dress was made custom fit and its so beautiful. Its minimal and elegant, like I wanted. Ekaterina is a wonderful store owner and designer. She communicated so quickly and clearly (especially for measurements). I honestly think ill only need 1 minor fitting at the tailor’s and my dress is set to go. Shipping was via DHL and super fast. I could see the process every step of the way. Ekaterina even personally checked with me to make sure she got my number correct for customs processing! I have been recommending this shop all over my social network groups with brides like me living abroad and needing specific styles / sizes. I’m so excited to wear my dress!

    Image #1 from Mary (Seoul, South Korea)
  53. Avatar photo

    Rita (London, UK)

    Dear Ekaterina, I wanted to thank you immensely for the beautiful dress that fit on my line a glove! I have received so many compliments and equally I felt so amazing with it. I feel so lucky to have found Piondress ! Thank you immensely ♥️

  54. Avatar photo

    Caris (Embleton, Australia)

    Absolutely in LOVE with this dress. Shipping was fast to Australia once it was dispatched. Quality is really good and exactly as pictured. I can’t wait to wear it on my big day.

  55. Avatar photo

    Evelyn (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

    Beautifully done, and loving the draping! Thank you for your help in creating and delivering this second dress.

  56. Avatar photo

    Makenna (South Jordan, USA)

    So classy! Ekaterina was great and helpful when I asked for a custom dress. Arrived a lot faster than expected. Can’t wait to wear it!

  57. Avatar photo

    Toni (Falls Church, USA)

    Great quality, the seller is responsive and helpful. Timely shipping. The skirt is flowy and gorgeous. However, while the dress does technically look like the photo, this bodice is SUPER unflattering on a plus-size gal like me. I would be happy to order again from this shop, just not this silhouette.

  58. Avatar photo

    Katelyn (Tromson, Norway)

    This dress is beautiful! I’m so impressed with the quality and fabric and the fit. The dress is flowy, light, and elegant. I really couldn’t have asked for anything better!!

    Image #1 from Katelyn (Tromson, Norway)
  59. Avatar photo

    Courtney (Boston, USA)

    Beautiful! Great quality, great customer service, fits perfectly!

  60. Avatar photo

    Александра (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)

    Салон Piondress первый и единственный, в который я обратилась в поисках идеального платья. В голове была картинка платья мечты из интернета, а нашла его именно у вас в первую примерку, это же чудо!
    Спасибо вам огромное, что исполняете мечты многих девушек, я была самой счастливой на свадьбе, а маленькие дети смотрели на меня как на принцессу!

    Image #1 from Александра (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
  61. Avatar photo

    Thu (München, 

    This dress is so beautiful, thanks Ekaterina 🙂

  62. Avatar photo

    Elizabeth (Midlothian, USA)

    Pretty dress. Little restricting in the chest/shoulders. No stretch so not able to lift arms easily above shoulders.

  63. Avatar photo

    Maria (Murcia, Spain)

    I have just received the dress: it is amazing! Fits perfectly!
    Thank you so much!

  64. Avatar photo

    Amber (Kaneohe, USA)

    Customer service that’s matches the quality of their product! Such a beautifully made dress, absolutely LOVE this store ❤

  65. Avatar photo

    Дарья (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)

    Девочки, спасибо вам огромное за ваш сервис, за подход к каждому, именно у вас я нашла своё идеальное платье ✨ Я думала так не бывает: прийти и надеть первое платье, посмотреть на него и понять ─ оно мое без каких-либо изъянов, ещё раз спасибо, что в свой день я была самая красивая.

    Image #1 from Дарья (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
    Image #2 from Дарья (Санкт-Петербург, Россия)
  66. Avatar photo

    Lindsey (Breinigsville, USA)

  67. Avatar photo

    Cleone (St. Martin, UK)

    I have had such a brilliant experience using Piondress. Ekaterina is so helpful and responds to your questions quickly . The delivery time was excellent 6 days from ordering. My dress is elegant, fits my size perfectly and great quality for the price . I would use Piondress again and highly recommend. Photo from my day will follow in a couple of weeks . Thank you to Ekaterina and her team for such great service and helping to make my last minute arrangements to marry with such a beautiful dress !

  68. Avatar photo

    Isabella (San Jose, USA)

  69. Avatar photo

    Elizaveta (Germany)

    Спасибо за волшебное платье!
    Нежное, изысканное, сдержанное и волнующее – это была любовь с первого взгляда! ?
    Платье было доставлено в Европу в максимально короткий срок и по размеру подошло идеально.

    Image #1 from Elizaveta (Germany)
  70. Avatar photo

    Hannah (Houston, USA)

  71. Avatar photo

    Hannah (London, UK)

    I received my order and love love love the dress! Thank you soooo much.

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