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    Fionnuala (Cork, Ireland)

    Just to thank you so so much for sending on my dress- I loved it so so much and it was so comfy on the day!

    Image #1 from Fionnuala (Cork, Ireland)
    Image #2 from Fionnuala (Cork, Ireland)
    Image #3 from Fionnuala (Cork, Ireland)
    Image #4 from Fionnuala (Cork, Ireland)
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    Hannah (Lexington, USA)

    It is THE BEST dress I could’ve found. Fits, feels, and looks like a dream. So grateful for the artistry and energy that went into making this beautiful piece. Excellent, timely communication from Ekaterina and her team.

    Image #1 from Hannah (Lexington, USA)
    Image #2 from Hannah (Lexington, USA)
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    Samantha (Southport, UK)

    Thank you for my lovely wedding dress it was perfect!

  4. Avatar photo

    Sarah (New Orleans, USA)

    Beautiful dress and great customer service! I didn’t want to take off the dress when I first tried it on. Cannot wait to wear it!

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    Дарья (Москва, Россия)

    Любимые Piondress!
    Я всегда знала, что если свадебное платье, то только от вашего бренда!
    Спасибо что создаёте наряды, в которых чувствуешь себя самой красивой, а карманы в платье это вообще отдельная любовь.
    Делюсь с вами частичкой нашего дня, ещё раз спасибо! ❤️

    Image #1 from Дарья (Москва, Россия)
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    Valentina (Tulle, France)

    I fell in love with the dress immediately. It was love at first sight! I asked for some advices to Ekaterina and she helped me with everything: the size, the color etc. She followed me in every step. It took more or less 4 weeks to get it and when I saw the dress it was exactly like the one in the web site. Size was just perfect and I thank Ekaterina very much for her help!

  7. Avatar photo

    Amanda (Harrisburg, USA)

    The dress looks exactly the same as the picture. The quality is also great. Communication was very quick. All my questions were answered. The dress was also delivered to my home very quickly. I will have to have the dress altered, because it comes in standard sizes, and my body has never fit into a standard size dress. This was something I knew before I bought the dress and was prepared for.

  8. Avatar photo

    Вера (Москва, Россия)

    Спасибо большое за мое платье мечты! Еще задолго до свадьбы я влюбилась в ваш салон и точно знала, куда поеду за своим тем самым платьем. У вас я нашла платье своей мечты и на свадьбе чувствовала себя в нем идеально!
    Большое спасибо за вашу работу:) Вы — лучшие!

    Image #1 from Вера (Москва, Россия)
    Image #2 from Вера (Москва, Россия)
  9. Avatar photo

    Maria (Strasshof An Der Nordbahn)

    The dress ist beautiful and the Service was perfect?

  10. Avatar photo

    Наталья (Москва, Россия)

    Хочу выразить огромную благодарность всем девочкам-фееям, имеющим отношение к этому чудесному салону. Прекрасно отлаженная работа, доброжелательный, отзывчивый, а главное терпеливый персонал:) Отдельные слова благодарности девочкам-менеджерам из Москвы. Выбор сразу пал на ваш салон и это была ПОБЕДА!) 100% попадание по всем моим критериям поиска. Спасибо еще раз за возможность быть прекрасной и ОСОБЕННОЙ в этой важный для каждой девочки день! Процветания и вдохновения!:)

    Image #1 from Наталья (Москва, Россия)
    Image #2 from Наталья (Москва, Россия)
    Image #3 from Наталья (Москва, Россия)
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    Maria (Graal-Müritz, Germany)

    My Name is Maria and I order a dress in April. I want to join with you how was the experience with your dress.
    The Wedding was celebrated in Graal-Müritz (Germany).

    Image #1 from Maria (Graal-Müritz, Germany)
    Image #2 from Maria (Graal-Müritz, Germany)
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    Lillian (Lakewood, USA)

    The dress is great quality for the price! Nicely wrapped in plastic and a garment bag. The gray color is pretty and light. The length of the dress is perfect and the lace on the bodice well made and looks great even without a bra on. I ordered the dress May 7th and it got to Seattle June 25th. True to size (10). They even customized the dress to my height.

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